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Mattress Cleaning

The average mattress contains around 2 million dust mites. It takes about 6 months for your mattress to be contaminated with dead skin, which dust mites use as a source of food! Dust mites are one of the largest contributors to indoor allergens. It is important to regularly maintain a cleaning schedule for your mattress to prevent the build up of dust mites and dead skin.

The best part for you, as a consumer, is that at Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration, we offer the most powerful suction truck mounted team cleaning machine on the market hands down. Coupled with this, we provide the most thorough mattress cleaning and extraction to remove dust mites and dead skin for the best result possible. Our cleaning will leave your mattress fresh, dust mite and dead skin free, so you can sleep peacefully at night and breathe easier for those with any type of allergy symptoms.
Cleaning Services

Tobacco Smoke and Odor Removal

Vaportek odor control systems provide immediate odor neutralization in situations where other methods may fail. These systems incorporate natural, non-toxic essential oils and odor neutralizing compounds in patented membrane cartridges that breathe a penetrating dry vapor into the air. Unlike fogging and ozone treatments, Vaportek products can be used in occupied structures. They will not harm people, plants or animals, or affect fabrics, rubber, adhesives and other materials and surfaces. The systems have been proven effective in fire and flood restoration, industrial and healthcare facilities – even in eliminating difficult-to-remove urine odors.

Contact us online now for a free in home estimate or call 208-237-1938. We sell our HomePro by Design products online to help maintain your home between cleanings.

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