Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

From carpet to tile, upholstery to leather, we have the knowledge and experience to deep clean, safely and effectively.

Our Cleaning Services Include:

Carpet Cleaning

Tile & Grout

Upholstery & Leather

Air Duct Cleaning

Pet Odor Removal

Pet urine can be a stubborn problem to fix. Why spend all your time and money on potential home remedy solutions when you can let the professionals guarantee their work in pet urine removal. Pets urine can contaminate not only the carpet fibers but contaminates the carpet pad and possibly the sub-floor. Urine deposits not only permeate from the floor such as: concrete, wood, tack strip, baseboard/trim and even the framework of your house depending the location and concentration of the urine.

Allow Rocky Mountain Cleaning and Restoration provide you with the best solutions to eliminate pet urine contaminates. Call us today for a consultation at 208-237-1938.

Mattress Cleaning

The average mattress contains around 2 million dust mites. It takes about 6 months for your mattress to be contaminated with dead skin, which dust mites use as a source of food! Dust mites are one of the largest contributors to indoor allergens. It is important to regularly maintain a cleaning schedule for your mattress to prevent the build-up of dust mites and dead skin.

The best part for you, as a consumer, is that at Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration, we offer the most powerful suction truck mounted steam cleaning machine on the market hands down. Coupled with this, we provide the most thorough mattress cleaning and extraction to remove dust mites and dead skin for the best result possible. Our cleaning will leave your mattress fresh, dust mite and dead skin free, so you can sleep peacefully at night and breathe easier for those with any type of allergy symptoms.

Cleaning Services
  • According to Ohio State University, a typical used mattress can have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites living in it. Not only that, but 10 percent the weight of a two-year-old pillow may be made of dead mites and their feces.
  • Dust mites make their homes inside of our mattresses, where they spend about one-third of their life cycle. That’s because they like warm, moist environments—like the space underneath your sleeping body!
  • They also feed on our dead skin cells, and since the typical person sheds about one-fifth an ounce of these per week, there’s some good eating to be had on the inside of your old mattress.
  • Besides your mattress, dust mites also make their homes in bedroom carpeting and household upholstery.

Allow Rocky Mountain Cleaning and Restoration provide you with the best solutions to clean your mattress. Call us today for a consultation at 208-237-1938.


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