Fire Damage Restoration for Blackfoot, ID

When homes and commercial properties in Blackfoot, ID, are damaged due to fire and the after effects thereof, Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration is available to help. We provide restoration services for minor home and major property fires alike. As forest fires become more present throughout Eastern Idaho, so does the number of properties damaged by them. We’re able to repair damage from fires, regardless of their origin. Our skilled professionals can turn back time on your fire-damaged house and restore it to the home sweet home you know and love.

Restoration Services you can Rely on

Damage from fire and smoke damage are anticipated after a home burns. However, water damage from putting out the fire is an often overlooked aspect from a fire. Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration have the training and experience necessary to handle every issue related to fire damage restoration. If you have experienced smoke and water damages as part of a fire, rely on the team with Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration for Blackfoot, ID.

The combination of water, fire, and smoke make clean up and remediation services particularly challenging. As a result, we utilize proven methods paired with state-of-the-art restoration equipment to ensure a thorough restoration job. Not every cleanup project is the same, so Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration train our service technicians to handle every possible scenario. Personalized plans are developed according to each home’s specific damage.

It is essential that every part of the damage be found before developing a plan of action. So, we send our service professionals to assess the amount and extent of damage you have sustained. Fire damage remediation needs to be worked in the correct order for the best results. For instance, a wood floor that seems to be in good shape at an initial look could be distorted from water damage. Skimming over problems like these would lead to structural problems in the future and lower your home value. With the experienced fire restoration team at Rock Mountain Cleaning & Restoration in the Blackfoot area, you can avoid costly repairs and renovation down the road. Our comprehensive examination will make sure the remediation work takes care of all of the damage immediately.

Contact Us for Fire Damage Repair

Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration provides Blackfoot and the surrounding Eastern Idaho areas with the best restoration services available. The sooner a trained professional investigates your fire damage, the easier and more painless the repair will be. We take care of fire damage restorations as well as all associated issues. Call us today at (208) 237-1938 and after hours at (208) 422-4420.


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