Flood Damage Restoration

If you’re in need of flood cleanup services, Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration is one call away. Utilizing the services of a professional and experienced flood damage restoration company is crucial. Damage from flooding and residual flood water has lasting effects if not properly treated quickly. If neglected, a flood can leave water stains, warped walls and floors, peeling paint, damaged drywall, odors, mold and more. Lasting damage to your home can be avoided with the flooding restoration services from Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration. It is important to find the right company that can clean up a flooded property. Our highly trained service technicians move in quickly to mitigate the effects of water and flooding while restoring your property to its pre-damaged condition.

We service the following cities and their surrounding areas:

Our Flood Damage Services

Flooding requires more than towels and a vacuum to remove water and prevent damage in your home. While you can quickly clean surface water from areas in your home, water can soak into subfloors and walls without you realizing. This leftover water can damage your home and increase the chances for mold growth and structural damages.

Unfortunately, water damage isn’t an issue homeowners can overlook for long. Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration professionals will remedy these problems, returning your home to a habitable state in no time. When it comes to restoration experts, we are the best and will get the job done.

Our services include:

  • Scene containment
  • Water extraction
  • Identify cause of issue/problem
  • Complete structural drying including dehumidification process
  • Use appropriate tools and thermal imaging to identify additional damage
  • Contain contaminated area for airborne pollution and health concerns
  • Remediate mold if necessary
  • Remove and replace any damaged flooring
  • Remove and restore all contents
  • Upholstery and rug cleaning
  • Structural repairs

Contact Us for Flood Damage Repair

Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration covers Blackfoot and the surrounding Eastern Idaho areas. We assist clients with flood and other water damage emergencies. If your home has been damaged by an issue like leaky plumbing, a severe rainstorm, damaged drainage or a cracked foundation, call us today at 208-237-1938.


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