Professional Carpet Cleaning in American Falls, ID

Maintain the appearance of the carpets throughout your American Falls, ID, home with professional carpet cleaning. Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration is a carpet cleaning company that helps homeowners get rid of stains and keep their house looking clean. When liquids are spilled and dirt starts to accumulate in carpets, it looks bad and can also cause allergic reactions to those in your household. If your home gets a lot of foot traffic, it can benefit from carpet cleaning from our service professionals. You can enjoy your time spent inside that much more after our carpet cleaners are done and have left it spotless. Count on us for regularly scheduled carpet maintenance from season to season.

Our Proven Carpet Cleaning Services

You should vacuum every so often, but it will only pick up so much of the dirt and leave some embedded in the fibers. Our trained technicians perform carpet cleaning services using industry-standard equipment for a thoroughly finished job. In order to provide you the best results, we always begin by taking a look at how dirty the carpets are to figure out the most successful course of action. We’ll help you move your furniture out of the way, so we can get the carpet cleaning started.

Our service professionals follow this process:

  • Pre-treating and spot treating
  • Cleaning and extraction
  • Long-term protection

Our tried and true procedures prepare the area for cleaning with spot treatments and the use of high-powered vacuums that are designed to specifically remove dirt and grime.

Skilled and Experienced Carpet Cleaners

When you enter your home, you want everything to appear fresh and feel clean. Our carpet cleaning company knows that a well-maintained property is a point of pride for any homeowner, so we aim to help you keep it that way. Dirty easily builds up in carpets and a regular cleaning solution doesn’t always do the trick. We have the training to use robust equipment for professional carpet cleaning that will give you a long-lasting deep clean. Once we’ve suctioned out dirt, removed stains and deodorized, we finish up with a stain repellant that will extend the cleanliness of your carpet.

Choose the Rocky Mountain Professionals

The community of American Falls, ID, has turned to Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration for carpet cleaning services since 2007. As one of the largest providers in Southeastern Idaho, we’re well staffed and equipped to meet your needs. Our carpet cleaning professionals are committed to your complete satisfaction and offer high-quality services that have led to our loyal customers base. You can be confident that our carpet cleaning company will uphold our outstanding reputation when we arrive to provide our services.

Contact Us for Carpet Cleaning

Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration is the only cleaning company you need to call for your professional carpet cleaning needs. If you live in American Falls, ID, you can get quality carpet cleaning services from our experienced technicians right away. Allow us to maintain the cleanliness of your home with a thorough cleaning job by using our proven step-by-step procedure. Get in touch with us today at 801-225-5750 to receive a free upfront estimate.

Encapsulation Cleaning

We offer a counter rotating agitation machine. This machine is a pile lifter so your carpets regain their fluffy appearance once again. This method virtually offers an instant drying process by using very little moisture but still achieving a level of professional cleaning while drying in less than an hour. The polymer attaches to carpet soils and fibers and then dries to a very hard polymer. When vacuumed, the dry brittle polymer fractures away, taking the attached soils with it and leaving a clean non-sticky formula behind. This process is formulated in accordance with the latest environmental guidelines for green cleaning chemistry and with the very latest in surfactant and encapsulating technology.

Bridgepoint Systems

Bridgepoint SystemsAt Rocky Mountain Cleaning & Restoration we only use Bridgepoint Products to ensure the highest quality of products are used. These products are backed and guaranteed through compliance and certifications through many organizations. Click here, to find out more.

Bridgepoint Products

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